Royal St. George's

The Course - Hole 13

Par 4

Yards 457

Stroke Index 3

The finishing holes at Sandwich are some of the hardest anywhere, and they begin with this long Par 4. Four bunkers at driving length can be avoided by a straight or drawn tee shot on the line of the right edge of Prince’s Lodge. 

More trouble threatens the second shot, usually with a long club: three bunkers down the left can catch second shots when the wind is against, any under-hit approach left of centre will be swept left into one of the greenside bunkers, and a ridge running the length of the 40-yard green can make for hazardous chipping and putting from the wrong side.

It is very difficult to get close if the pin is left of the ridge, which shrugs shots away from the hole and down to the apron. The right half is easier, gathering the ball down a long valley.

The green, with the out-of-bounds fence separating Royal St George’s from Prince’s just beyond, marks the furthest point from the clubhouse.

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